bryce-coulson-smileMy name is Bryce Coulson and I love to make digital music with FL Studio (Affiliate Link) and LMMS (Free).  My music style varies quite a bit but my songs tend to contain:

  • Techno, trance synths with serious sounding and/or bouncy melodies.
  • Sampled orchestra instruments such as piano or strings.
  • Dance beats, sometimes glitch and unique drums.

If you’d like to contact me, my email is:


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  • Purchase or listen to my music album on the Music page. There are several non-album songs you can download for free.
  • I make tutorials for a free music making program called LMMS.  Click Tutorials to view these tutorials.
  • Royalty free drum samples are available for use in music production.  Download these from the Samples page.
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  • Learn about my projects and read my updates in the blog section.

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